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To donate clothes for charity is one way to conserve resources. However, your clothes can be valued without giving to charity for nothing in return but happiness to be a giver. Now, you might be wondered why your unwanted clothes can be valued. If you prefer shopping online, your used clothes are welcomed to be sold. Here is the guide to swapping and selling clothes online.

1. Go to this reliable website which has over 55,000 active members from all over the world. There is a space for you to trade sell or buy used clothes in good condition with free membership. At this site, there is not only women’s wear but there are many kinds of stuffs provided such as kids’ clothes, shoes and any kind of accessories.

2. Dig’N’Swap: At this site, you are free to swap both men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, pet clothing, and women’s accessories but you can get free membership during the site’s beta testing phase and pay for shipping the items of yours.

3. Rehash Clothes: Here, you can also swap both men’s and women’s clothes, accessories and even books. Moreover, you can make friends here so that you can share your interest. At this site, you got to do shipping with each other.

4. ThredUP: This site is doing as the tradition of parents who have clothed their growing kids in hand-me-downs for generations. Used children’s clothes and toys are allowed for all members across the U.S. to take away those things. All stuffs are grouped according to gender, size, brand, season and special occasions so that it is easy to take a look for those who want to buy.

5. ReFashioner: This website is the only one which has a “Fashion Police” that screen to accept or reject clothes of members. If your items are approved, the Fashion Police prices them with ReDollars to spend over the stuffs of other members. Moreover, this site helps its members to trade high-end women’s clothing, shoes, unworn lingerie, jewelry and accessories.

6. Patagonia on eBay: First of all, you can just register to be a seller on eBay for starting to sell your unwanted Patagonia items. What you should do is just post item description, photo and price.

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