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Dell Reconnect is a computer recycling program of partnership between Dell and Goodwill. November 2012, the computer recycling program is now announced to expand including the state of Hawaii. There will be making free computer recycling available to over 1.2 million people on Oahu Island.

The seven additional Goodwill drop-off locations in Hawaii are expected to be generated an added the collection of 500,000 pounds of used computer equipment per year. As its inception in 2004, 253 million pounds of equipment is recycled by the program.

According to the program, Goodwill staff will be responsible to determine the condition of computer equipment after receive a donation. There will be no environmentally sensitive materials sent to landfills and export as Dell’s e-waste policies. Recently, the program is now provided to over 64 million households because of many participating Goodwill locations.

“Dell is committed to putting technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet,” said Mike Watson, Director of Compliance and Take-back at Dell.

“We’re thrilled to work with Goodwill Industries of Hawaii to expand the Dell Reconnect program and provide more options for people to recycle their computers responsibly, while also supporting Goodwill’s important mission.”

All brands of used computer equipment can be accepted in any condition. The progression from the donations will be returned to Goodwill for supporting members of the local community so that they can get job training and support services.

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