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As concern of Environmental Profit and Loss Account in 2010, Puma will be officially launching a new line called InCycle as the introduction for recyclable and biodegradable sportswear in the spring/summer 2013. The sportswear includes everything such as sports shoes, track jackets and utilizes recycled materials, organic cotton and biodegradable polymers to bind fibers and make products last. For products in this line, you can take items into “Bring Me Back” bins once the items are broken for getting recycled by company.

The company said that “We’re taking what would normally be trash, and breathing new life into your old sneakers, used t-shirts and last season’s tote,”. “By taking old clothes and re-using, re-cycling, or re-purposing them, we mitigate the amount of virgin material that would otherwise be used to make new products.”

InCycle is the first line of clothing to represent the brand’s image of non-health risk to the consumer and quality of manufacture products in a sustainable way. 31 percent of environmental impact is reduced in the new manufacturing process of products such as InCycle basket and InCycle t-shirt especially the InCycle track jacket which is made from 98 percent recycled materials.

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