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To make customers for thinking green, the key is about being ego-friendly as much as it is eco-friendly. As a recent study published in Journal of Consumer Research, customers should not be given an authoritative command to make them change their behavior of environmentally damaging. If they are allowed to announce their responsibility openly, they will be more likely to practice the environmentally behavior with understanding.

The study’s author said that “Commitment promotes consistent changes in behavior, especially if consumers pledge specific steps to promote the desired behavior. Consumers who publicly express a commitment to the environment will reinforce their commitment and increase sustainable behavior”

As the result of research which is taken in a California hotel, it does work well by having front desk agents ask guests to commit to reusing their towels in person with a lapel pin that said “Friend of the Earth.” instead of the signs to read like “Hang your towel to reuse and save water, leave on the floor for fresh linens.” Towels are more reused by guests who were asked in person than those who were not. Moreover, those guests also have cooperation to turn off the lights before they are leaving out of room.

The report says “Rather than telling consumers what they should be doing, companies, nonprofits, or government agencies wishing to influence behavior change should consider an alternative option—one that creates an appealing opportunity for consumers to start with a small step—a non-binding commitment that will likely nudge their behavior in the desired direction,”

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