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Smartphone recycling is kind of very useful without doubt. The last few years, the service of buyback series have become widely with old cell phone exchanging as it can be e-waste for cold hard cash. To exchange old cell phone, the company can be gaining the beneficial from those devices by recycling, refurbish or resell.

Customers will be required to send the old cell phone for appraisal at their own cost or taking it to a store but there is the simple way provided for buyback service as has released its newest feature, dubbed RapidQuote, utilzes QR code technology to assess the value of a smart phone. Once you would like to use buyback service, you just must take special QR code of the company so that MaxBack’s software will be analyzing the phone and provide immediate price quote for you. After that, you have to send the cell phone to MaxBack in two days with no shipping cost via prepaid USPS label and collect on the offer. Moreover, MaxBack also does accept tablets and iPods for buyback service.

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