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Many people might not have any ideas to think what will be happening with used tires as there are too many of them. What about the tires of Hertz, rental Car Company. There are about 1.2 million tires on 300,000 cars belong to the company. Of course, you might think that it is unbelievable to recycle all those tires but now Hertz has a plan to recycle all its tires.

In America, there is not only do up to 90 percent of tires to be recycled into products as playground mulch and landfill bedding but now Hertz has already signed an agreement with the largest recycler to recover their tires which are left every year about 170,000 of them.

The spokesman of Hertz said that “We’re the first rental company to commit to zero waste for tires,” “We recently went through our operations to see where we could do better environmentally, and we are recovering oil and we don’t waste water, either. Our tire recycling was at best haphazard. We didn’t know what the local operators were doing with them. But because of our agreement with Liberty Tire Recycling, no Hertz tire will ever be landfilled again.”

For CEO of Pittsburgh-based Liberty, he said that his company processes 140 million passenger tire equivalents every year, amounting to 1.4 million tons of material. Used rubber isn’t worth all that much, so Hertz doesn’t get paid for its surplus tires, but it does acquire peace of mind. Moreover, the CEO also said about what will happen to all Hertz’s tires. He said that those tires will be applied or produced as product to use on landfills and roads, Tire Derived Fuel (TDF), making more mulch, useful stuffs for using on garden, working on railroad by replacing preservative-dosed hardwood as now The Chicago Transit Authority is using the new ties on its Blue Line, and enabling faster speeds and making a quieter, better-draining road by mixing crumb recycled tire rubber with liquid asphalt.

This recycling project of Hertz is a useful plan to make sure that their tons of tire will be going to a good home.

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