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1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

To use Programmable Thermostats, it can help you to cut the cost of heating fuel during winter. Different temperatures can be selected and set up as a schedule and the system will be adjusting itself. To install a Programmable Thermostats, only a few required tools will be used to get the installation done in an hour so that it is such a reasonable task. Up to $180 per year can be saved if you program it correctly.

2. Weather Strip Your Home

Your house should be sealed all the holes to reduce the cold air which can leak into house. To seal those holes, there is the way of installing weather stripping. For the doors, weather stripping is already provided at the base but not windows. However, there are many options to seal windows. One way is to apply shrink film over the entire window.

3. Time Your Lights

During winter, more lighting are used as daytime is shorter than usual. You can save energy and money in your pocket by getting timers for your lights, so you can program the time to turn on and off the lights each day. Outdoor lights will not be turned on all day anymore when you arrive home at night.

4. Check Your Water Heater

Your water heater need to get basic maintenance twice a year to decrease the chances of getting breakdown at the time it should not supposed to be. To check the pressure valve and flush the tank is a main in this maintenance as well as checking that there are any leaks in the tank or valves or not. Moreover, water heater can be insulated from getting the cold.

5. Protect Your Garden

During winter time, your garden should be concerned so that it can still live to see another spring. Here are a few things to maintain your garden.

* Turn yard waste from the fall into mulch to apply across your lawn and soil beds for providing nutrients.

* Watering should be limited as plants are less active in winter.

* There is no necessary to use a sprinkler system. Shut it off and watering manually.

* Take potted plants in warmer area. It can be inside your home or anywhere closer to warmer area.

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